Front-end web developer

We are looking for a front-end web developer, intermediate level, for project-based work.

The work will be done remotely and consists of:

  • estimating requirements for tasks and project parts in terms of price and delivery time
  • writing intermediate-level html, css, some javascript (we prefer vanilla js, but jQuery is acceptable)
  • converting the result into WordPress templates for themes (php)
  • other specific tasks regarding html/css/js fixes or updates for WordPress or other php-based platforms

We expect:

  • high attention to detail
  • clear and easy to follow git commits
  • promises to be kept
  • issues to be reported early
  • calm and constructive discussions

We offer:

  • twice per month payment
  • code guidelines, access to paid frameworks or libraries (if the task or project requires it)
  • collaboration contract (you can be an individual or a company)
  • kept promises
  • resolution for reported issues

To apply send a short resume and code samples (git repo, zip file) here.